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Intelligent lighting: everything for a better user experience
Time:2015-07-24    Read:1702 Time
Intelligent lighting: everything for a better user experience
This year, "Internet plus" into hot words, intelligent lighting as one of the "Internet plus" in the application of voice also increases, and the application of intelligent lighting and intelligent lighting activities with such words as the theme of the surge, this "xiangbobo" also caused some investment institutions, brokers focus attention, attract many cross-border who force intelligent lighting industry.
"Three kinds of smart lighting you can see"
Intelligent lighting Internet plus the is not just a simple lighting. It can integrate LED lighting system with intelligent control, network, terminal equipment and application program, which is used to transmit information and data. This not only can improve people's lives, but also to create new business value, intelligent lighting to break through the limitations of the original lighting, into the digital life, and constantly improve the quality of life of people. It can also be achieved through the reception of wireless internet access, prompt new messages and mail reception; or by changing the color of light, to remind the outside weather and temperature changes, etc..
At present, there are three main types of intelligent lighting and Internet combination products are the following:
1, through the local area network to achieve the intelligent control of lighting products: this application mode is currently the most a case, it through the gateway, lights, drive or mobile phone controller + can realize the control of light.
2, can realize remote control of intelligent lighting products: this application is currently mainly in smart home based, due to the intelligent lighting just smart home the part, and now manufacturers of intelligent home still in their array of state, really want to achieve interoperability of lighting products will also have a long way to go.
3, visible light communication: a light using Internet technology, namely LIFI, many countries are making great efforts to study, China also continues to increase research and development efforts, worthy of attention.
"In order to better user experience"
So, for the big enterprise, want to do intelligent lighting as soon as possible into the homes of ordinary people, in addition to price factors, I think the realization of intelligent home gateway standard has become a necessary premise.
The intelligent gateway plays an important role in lighting system. Intelligent lighting with the existing computer network technology, a variety of lamps, the networking, through the network to realize the unified control and management of lighting lamps and lanterns, and intelligent gateway is intelligent lighting inside the network transmission and control center, directly determines the intelligent lighting network can quickly build. The gateway provides a basis for lighting network construction. It is understood, the subject of intelligent gateway for more than ten years ago have people on, till today various gateway products emerge in an endless stream, also recently appeared in known as omnipotent "magic box", but still seems to present a tepid situation, I think the main or because of too many product types, this interface has no unified standard, does not use the ordinary family.
Imagine, assumed the manufacturers in accordance with the unified standard to do lighting intelligent home gateway scene, so terminal equipment manufacturers would not have bother to consider how the device and the mobile phone user is connected, followed by the development of a gateway application or mobile app, you can place to sell products; at the same time, users do not have to tangled encounter the right terminal products suffer from does not know how to use and not sell. For example, you watch the Philips a very novel, can light discoloration of the HueLED. You can buy immediately. After returning home in power, and on the gateway to install a manufacturer of APP set control parameters (including setting a variety of natural colors, etc.), we can immediately enjoy wonderful lighting brings fun, like you buy a CD, home on the home theater enjoy wonderful music so simple. But if the gateway can not be unified, convenient access and operation, then there will be no ultimate experience.
In addition, enterprises can now try the development of epitaxial growth patterns, with the integration of resources, pushing the cooperation, such as in the developing layout, and communications operators, electric home appliances and other related enterprises carried out in-depth cooperation, through the alliance, agreements, investment, binding cooperation form to achieve interoperability of real exchange.
With the side lighting currently in intelligent lighting has also increased investment in research and development, is pushing for intelligent LED optical components, it also can realize network control.
So, this is the era of a user experience and intelligent lighting must be starting from the user's point of view, such as the user wishes to intelligent lighting like tap water, can be used to open, want to be able to offer, then as the manufacturer should as far as possible to propagation for Jane, so it is more and the popularity of intelligent LED lighting, or is this intelligent lighting practitioners to achieve the ultimate goal.
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